About Us

Yale Chapter of Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students Executive Board

Abraham Killanin (Saybrook College 2015)

Abraham is currently a senior in Yale College, pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology (Neuroscience) while completing coursework in Pre-Medical studies. He is passionate about helping those in need, and is a firm believer in the impact that a proper health education can have on an individual’s lifestyle. Abraham aspires to be a clinical physician who uses epidemiological research to better serve his patients and the communities that they live in. Apart from MAPS he is the Musical Director of Breath of Life, BCAY’s Praise and Worship team, a Saybrook FroCo, and a member of the Advancing Relationships and Community Health Research Team at the Yale School of Public Health.


Vice President
Angela Pollard (Jonathan Edwards 2016)

Angela is currently a junior in Yale College, majoring in Sociology and completing pre-medical coursework. Her interest in medicine stems from the belief that good health serves as the foundation for a happy and successful life for every person. Angela intends to become a primary care physician as well as a hospital or health care center administrator, so that she can practice medicine and improve its delivery to those in need. In addition to her work with MAPS, Angela is a fellow of the Chaplain’s Office, serves on the Undergraduate Council for St. Thomas More (the Catholic Center of Yale), and volunteers at Yale New Haven Hospital through the Living History Project.  


Christina McDonnell (Davenport College 2015)


Tiffany Oche (Timothy Dwight 2017)

Community Outreach

Fadeke Muraina (Pierson College 2017)

Fadeke Muraina is currently a sophomore in Pierson College, studying Sociology as well as completing Pre-Medical coursework. In addition to clinical medicine, she is also interested in pursuing public healh and combating health disparities. Aside from being the Community Outreach Coordinator of MAPS, she is also an Urban Fellow with Dwight Hall, Research Associate in the Pediatric Emergency Department of Yale-New Haven Hospital, and the Treasurer of Students of Nigeria.